File Submission Guidelines

The purpose of these guidelines is to minimize any confusion while printing, and to optimize the file for the best quality print. You don't need to follow every single one of these points, but it helps to insure that what you send us is as close as possible to what is printed.


File Types

PDF, InDesign, and Illustrator files are preferred. If you are submitting an InDesign file, please make sure all sources and links are included, that way we won't have missing pieces and blank spots in the document. If you're sending us a .doc file, we recommend you 'Save As' a PDF, and check the final output to make sure that the layout is preserved to your liking.

Please export the highest resolution file that you can for printing. If the file has bleeds, we ask that you set them to 0.125".

Do not export crop marks, color bars, or registration bugs. We insert our own depending on the press that we run your work on.



The printing process is performed using CMYK color. Because of this, we ask that you prepare and send your file in CMYK. If you do send it to us in RGB format, note that it will need to be converted to CMYK before printing. Since the two color profiles are different, conversion may lead to the color not printing as intended.

For spot colors, we ask that you name them with the format of PMS 123C. All capitals, with the C or U being for coated and uncoated. For digital printing, this naming allows our equipment to read the color and emulate it properly for the best color result.

More meticulous color matching is available at an additional charge.